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Purify Your Space of Negative Energies & Psychic Pollution

Certain places are intrinsically dirtier than others. If you spend time in these surroundings, you are exposed to greater-than-average energetic contamination. Thus, you may need to practice energetic hygiene more diligently and more regularly — for example, cutting cords and performing general self-sweeping. You can also directly clean the area. Below are easy to perform techniques used in Pranic Healing to quickly purify your environment.

Steps in Cleaning a room or building of dirty energy

1. Burn incense. Burn a stick or cone of incense in the rooms of your house or work area. Sandalwood is the most common cleansing incense; it contains much high-quality green prana. If you prefer different fragrances, however, lavender incense contains blue-violet prana, and sage incense contains green, blue and violet prana.

2. Chant “OM” or “Amen.” Chant the mantra “OM” or “Amen” in the room for 20 minutes. This mantra disperses dirty energy, which is why it is universally used as part of many meditation routines to clear the mind of thoughts. As an alternative, you can play the Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui OM CD.

3. Open all windows and curtains to let fresh air and sunlight in. An easy way to clean a house or room energetically, opening windows and curtains allows cleansing solar and air prana to flood a room or house. An hour or two a day should be sufficient for moderate residual contamination.

4. Spray the area with salt water from a sprayer. Mix a few tablespoons of salt with a cup of water in a sprayer with a fine misting capability. Shake to dissolve the salt. Walk through a room spraying the salt and water into the air, allowing the droplets to filter down to the floor. Just as salt water breaks down the dirty energy that you sweep from your own aura, it also effectively cleans a room or building. Holy water of the Catholic Church is essentially salt water with the priest’s benediction on it.

5. Loud clapping. Loud, purposeful clapping with intent can break up and disperse dirty energy in a room. Go into a room, form a clear intent to dispel the dirty energy, and walk through the area clapping about 10 to 30 times, depending on the size of the room. One clap per second is a good pace.

It may be difficult to perform some of these routines in your work area, so here is a technique that can be employed for either home or work: Project Electric Violet Energy to the room or area. Visualize your house or workplace very small, about a foot in total area, in front of you. Make the visualization as clear as you can.

Form the intent that you are scanning the house or area to determine if there is any dirty energy and then scan it. Be aware of any sensations of stickiness or heaviness, just as you did when you scanned your own body.

Imagine Electric Violet beam projecting from your palm as you focus your Crown Chakra. Flood the house or area with the Electric Violet beams-flushing out all negativity into the earth. Project for a minimum period of 5 minutes or until you feel the area feels lighter. Repeat as necessary. You can also pray as you project Electric Violet. Many will feel strong vibration or ‘buzzing’ sensation on your Crown and Hand Chakras.

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