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Experience “Coming Home”

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul said, “All disease is a result of inhibited Soul Life… The art of the healer consists of releasing the Soul, so it can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form. The true and future healing is brought about when the life of the Soul can flow without impediment and hindrance throughout every aspect of the form. It can then vitalize it.” What this means is, the more abundant the flow of spiritual energy (Soul Life) coming into the body through the crown chakra, the faster the rate of healing.

The Soul is a spark from the universal flame, which some call God. God puts forth this portion of the Godhead, which then incarnates, or takes a body, in the lower plane, the earth. As an extension of God, our Soul is in a state of permanent health, a state of prolonged awareness, peace, love and bliss. We may not be consciously aware of it, but we inherently know that this state of peace resides within us.

As we seek health, success and happiness in the physical world, we are often oblivious to how close true health, success and happiness are, because we don’t look inward. But when we become aware of the limitations of our physical body and the imperfections of the material world — as we must inevitably — our innate knowledge of this inner state of peace and health is stirred.

This is called spiritual restlessness. There are many ways spiritual restlessness is awakened. It is commonly prompted by a life crisis, such as a reversal of fortune or tragedy that is difficult to explain, for example, disastrous material loss or the death of someone close. It is often felt when we have a premature brush with mortality ourselves, or when we near the end of our life and seek to put things in order.

Or, we may feel it after we attain our worldly goals: success, fame, prosperity, or in the case of our focus here, physical health. Then find ourselves wondering if “that’s all there is.” It may arise simply as a result of exploring physical health through alternative or esoteric practices. Or, it may be awakened naturally in those who are particularly sensitive or spiritually developed.

Regardless of how we come to this awareness, we all have with-in us this intrinsic need to “return to the source,” to have contact with our Soul to access that inner peace and health. Below is a portion of a short but powerful meditation that will allow you to experience a glimpse of your Soul’s Divine Nature.

1. Sit in a darkened room, face East, close your eyes, and relax your body by performing seven cycles of pranic (slow and deep diaphragmatic) breathing. Connect your tongue to the roof of the mouth.

2. Imagine a golden flame above your crown. With your eyelids closed, look up to the flame then silently say: “I AM not the body; the body is a vehicle of the Soul. I AM not my emotions or my thoughts; they are just products of the Soul. I AM not even the mind. The mind is the just the instrument of the Soul. I AM the Soul! I AM a being of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love, and Divine Power. I AM connected to God. I AM one with God. I AM one with All. I AM the Soul!”

Repeat affirmation nine times. Allow yourself to completely MELT INTO THE FLAME… Be still, be aware and simply let go for five minutes or more. (We recommend recording your voice nine times and playing it back during the meditation).

As you perform this exercise, you will experience inner stillness, peace and extreme mental clarity. You realize that “you” are not your body. Nor are “you” your thoughts or emotions. Even if your body and thoughts were to disappear physically, not just figuratively, “you” remain. This “you” or “I AM” that you’ve been in touch with in this meditation is your Soul. You will also experience a great freedom and a sense of lightness. Practice this meditation every day especially when you are going through physical or psychological crises. This will help facilitate your process of “coming home” to your Eternal Self!

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